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Fighting with Emilia

Emilia is the 7 month old daughter of Suzanne and Drake Key of Dothan, Alabama. Her story begins when Suzanne was only 16 weeks pregnant.  Suzanne was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes Mellitus soon after finding out that she was pregnant and was sent to UAB for a full anatomy ultrasound.  At this ultrasound, the Key's found out that their little girl had HRHS, Pulmonary Artresia with Intact Ventricular septum and single coronary artery.  Plans were made to follow Suzanne's pregnancy closely in Birmingham with teams from both UAB and Children's Hospital.  Emilia arrived one month early on October 13, 2019 and underwent her first surgery at just 4 days old.  She underwent a bi-directional Glenn procedure and pacemaker placement with Dr. Dabal at 4 months old and is now home in Dothan and thriving.  Emilia will undergo another open heart surgery at 4 years old and will continue to be followed at Children's Hospital until the age of 21.  Emilia's parents credit her success to the amazing physician and staff at Children's Hospital and to their faith in God. Please help us honor Emilia by donating to Children's Hospital of Alabama! #emiliathefighter

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